Campagner Officina meccanica

Highly accurate extrusion equipment

When you need to find a manufacturer of highly accurate and durable extrusion equipment, Campagner Extrusion Tools in Fagnano Olona, Italy is the company to call.

We've been making equipment for the extrusion of different rigid and soft plastic materials for the last 40 years, and have all the skills and knowledge required to produce custom products to your precise specifications.

If you need dies and calibration units that are designed and built to stand the test of time, we can help, and we offer a total service including testing.

Extrusion Tools For Windows

Campagner Extrusion Tools offers some of the most high-tech window tools currently on the market. We make incredibly durable die heads in top quality steel, which feature 5 heating bands and an innovative easy-assembly system.

An adapter flange ensure the head can be used on different extruders, and a dual calibration system first uses dry calibration followed by turbo water cooling.

The calibration system is made from polished steel, and the discs are fully interchangeable, with the entire system fixed on a unique plate for simple centreline calibration.

Co-Extrusion Profiles

f you need to co-extrude multiple layers of material at the same time, our equipment makes the process simple and accurate. Our products ensure an even volumetric throughput of material, allowing you to guarantee consistency over production jobs of any size. Our products can easily handle:

  • Soft & hard PVC co-extrusion
  • PMMA co-extrusion