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Complete processing from design to production including testing
Complete processing from design to production including testing

Campagner Extrusion Tools are the extrusion equipment manufacture experts, offering complete processing, from design to production including testing. We produce market leading dies and calibration tools for warm and cold extrusion as well as co-extrusion processes, are are widely known for the quality and precision of our products. Get in touch today if you wish to find out more.

Design & Technical Consulting
Our team of technicians can design dies and calibrators from scratch based on our customer's precise specifications, or from prototypes of the desired profile. We will support the customer throughout every phase of the process, from design to manufacture and testing of the final product. 
During the initial design phase, we offer client's the benefit of our vast experience, and provide technical advice intended to ensure the creation of a reliable, custom product that will perform it's function impeccably. A full analysis of all the variables is undertaken and critical feedback is constantly offered to the customer throughout the process.
Our designers are kept equipped with all the latest CAD/CAM systems so that they can achieve the highest levels of accuracy and precision, which in turn means that the final mould will be of the best possible quality.
Manufacturing Custom Moulds

Following the design process, we can proceed to the actual production process using extremely accurate, high-end CNC equipment. Our technologically superior machinery is able to provide a machine finish of the very highest quality, and ensures the best possible results in terms of both efficiency and cost effectiveness.
We pride ourselves on using only top grade materials, and the design and production phases are always carried out with precision and a fine eye for detail, guaranteeing total reliability and the highest production standards at very competitive prices. 
We can also make moulds following complete customer designs on a 'manufacturing only' basis. If you wish to find out more, give us a call today or use the contact form.
Rigid and accurate testing is very important for producing equipment that can cope with high productivity levels and exacting quality standards, and therefore Campagner Extrusion Tools has a team of qualified and experienced technicians who are dedicated to the task. 
All of the products we make are internally tested using our own extruders and we can also undertake testing at the customer's own site, thus reducing the potential for loss of production through system failures. 
To find out more about what makes us one of the recognised leaders in our particular field, and how we can improve your productivity, just give our professional team a call now on 0331 617378, or send an email to us at