Sistemi d'estrusione ad alta precisione in Italia
Sistemi d'estrusione ad alta precisione in ItaliaScopri di più
Our mission

We are always engaged in research and development, so that we can create our products with the speed and accuracy necessary to support the commercial operations of our customers.

What we do

We have been active in the extrusion die production sector for over 40 years. This includes calibrators, matrices and equipment for coextrusion of plastic materials.

How contact us

Call us now on +39 0331 617378 for more information! Or send an email to

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About us
Campagner Angelo sas di Campagner A & c.

Campagner Extrusion Tools specialises in the manufacture of precision tools and extrusion systems in PVC and thermoplastic materials. We operate throughout Europe from our base in Fagnano Olona, Italy and also have a presence in a number of non-European countries.

With 40 years of industry experience and an array of highly advanced machinery at our disposal, we have a well earned reputation for producing consistently reliable, high-performance custom products that are both durable and resilient.

Call us at +39 0331 617378 to find out more!
Complete Service
Campagner Extrusion Tools provides customers with a complete service, from the initial design process right through to testing and delivery. 
Our team will work closely with the customer to make sure that we produce exactly what is required quickly and efficiently. 
We can offer:
  • Calibration table
  • Haul-off
  • Cutting unit
  • Unloader
Various Profiles

Extrusion dies

We can manufacture custom extrusion tools for any profile that may be required in materials including PVC, PE, TPE, ABS, polycarbonate and polyamide. Whatever your industry Campagner Extrusion Tools can produce high specification equipment for your exact needs. We have made products for companies engaged in automotive engineering, construction, the electrical industry, furniture production, refrigeration, household appliance manufacture and many more.

We are able to create dies and calibration units of almost any size and complexity, which are designed and built with a very high level of attention to detail, and with extreme practicality and functionality in mind, in profiles such as:

  • PVC profiles
  • ABS profiles
  • PC profiles
  • PMMA profiles
  • Coextrusion profiles
fields of action

We have made products for companies engaged:

  • in automotive engineering
  • construction
  • the electrical industry
  • furniture production
  • refrigeration
  • household appliance manufacture
  • and many more.
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